Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Boycott Aruba Dr. Phil?

I just read yesterday that Dr. Phil called for a Boycott of Aruba, an island I happen to love.  While I can't even imagine the pain and loss of Natalie Hollway's family, the island did not murder her. One deranged individual did.  Also, I always felt there was a side to this story that has not been told, like why we never heard publically from her classmates or the supposed chaperons that were on the trip? Why no one is warning teen girls about the behavior of these kids that led to this horrendous act?  

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Fab Five" Another case of exploiting young black athletes

While passing my husband's man room last night, the Fab Five documentary caught my attention to the point that I eased in and took an uninvited seat on the ab press.  As it became more interesting, I moved to the floor and eventually to the couch.  For years, these young black athletes have been exploited financially, mentally and physically.  I was appalled to learn that Michigan had taken down their banners and severed tides with the young athletes who had contributed so much to their institution.  The thought that they would consider such an action and not return any of the money they earned off of the Fab Five left an empty feeling in my stomach.  I wonder what the action would have been if these were five young white athletes.  After all, there was a lot of hate and racial ignorance surrounding the Fab Five's reign.  I say Chris Webber in the grocery store last week.  He looked very involved in selecting his fruit and vegetables.  He appeared to be a very quiet person and you can tell he would rather be left alone, than receive all the publicity.  I pray all the Fab Five get what they rightfully earned from Michigan with all the trimmings.  

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