Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina Conservatives help Newt Gingrich win a Despicable Victory

And I am appalled. After having the audacity to give a standing ovation to Newt Gingrich at the Thursday night Republican debate when he defended his infidelity by lying on his second wife, the South Carolina Right Wing Conservative voters presented Newt with a trophy win. Isn’t this the same Newt who lead the effort to have President Clinton impeached, yet he was receiving a standing ovation for defending his actions of infidelity. Are the Evangelical Christians of South Carolina pro-life, yet overwhelmingly support adultery?

Another lie of the debate is Newt blaming his poor choices on President Obama, or at least the liberal media giving support to the President. Where did that come from Newt? Either you were a cheater in your previous marriages or not. President Obama had nothing to do with your unfaithful past. I would declare Newt as the Pinocchio of the debate and his nose should have grown a few more inches, because he was one big liar.

It wasn’t too long ago when another Republican candidate by the name of Herman Cain was forced to abandon his campaign due to his infidelity problems during marriage. In fact, many prominent Republicans leaders and journalists were suggesting that Mr. Cain step down. Now, Newt is surging in popularity with the same character issues lingering. Where are those Republican leaders when it comes to Newt or are the Right Wing Conservatives so thirsty that they will drink the poorest quality of tea?

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