Saturday, November 19, 2011

Was Tyler Perry on the Drug, “All About Me?”

Tyler Perry must have been on a drug called “All About Me” when he wrote his open letter to defend the choice of Kim Kardashian for his upcoming movie, “The Marriage Counselor. “ I truly believe Tyler should have the right to cast as he pleases for his movie and from a business perspective; I support him for wanting to expand his reach.  There are, however, precautions for every business decision.

The fact that fans were outraged and disappointed at his selection of Kim for the “small role” should have prompted him to be more compassionate and perhaps listen to his fans more before deciding to be heard in a “comedic” rebuttal, which I failed to see the humor.    To complicate matters more, he defends his choice by stating “millions of youth look up to Kim.”  Most parents should be concerned about that statement. It has long been established that Kim’s background and open life is certainly not one the average parent would want their daughters to emulate.

In actuality, agree or not, Kim does have a black fan base that have watched and supported the Kardashian Family reality series since its inception.  Far too often, the movie and TV industry take the African American audience for granted because research shows our families watch “far too much” TV.  The problem is Kim’s fan base (or not) got so caught up in her reality show being real, they feel disappointed, used and outraged by her marriage “fiasco.”  It was not just black women who were angry, women all around the nation voiced outrage and disgust at the 72 day marriage that was so carefully played out on TV.  The whole engagement and planning was staged as a fantasy wedding, which the average young woman dreams of having someday.  To witness the marriage end abruptly was like crushing a dream. The speculation that Kim and Kris profited from the wedding only added fuel to the fire.

To his majority fan base “Black women”, Tyler Perry’s movies are just as real as life.  I completely understand Tyler casted the role of marriage counselor prior to Kim’s decision to dissolve her marriage, but certainly he should have reconsidered casting someone who had just made a public mockery out of marriage (whether intentional or not)?  Unfortunately, this was poor timing and since the part is supposedly a “small role,” Tyler could have very easily cast Kim in another movie down the road.  Besides, don’t we know from her reality show that Kim is so busy; she did not even have time for her new husband?  I wander if Tyler even talked to Madea about his decision.

Personally, I am more disappointed that the lead role in the movie played by Jurnee Smolet is being overshadowed because of this unnecessary distraction.  Jurnee is a young woman who I have followed since she was a little girl and feel she is a superb “real” actress that Hollywood has underused.  I pray that this movie will allow Jurnee to move to a level of super stardom which is deserving of her skills and talent.

As for Tyler Perry, he will survive.  His letter made very clear that he was not going to change his selection for the role he cast Kim for.  This is not a moral issue for Tyler.  He is determined to expand his reach to a more diverse audience by any means necessary.  In doing so, I hope he does not lose sight of the audience that has provided him the luxury of being in a position to expand.  A quick detox from the “All About Me” drug may be a good remedy.

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