Monday, January 10, 2011

Releasing Anger to Move Forward

Author Terry McMillan shared on Oprah this morning some open and poignant statements on her three year journey of anger, embarrassment and frustration with the very public announcement by her ex-husband admitting he was gay after being married over ten years.  She admitted the anger consumed her life and she was not able to move forward until she released the hurt and journeyed back to happiness.  It's a disheartening story and many share her pain.  We often hold ourselves hostage over our past hurts and disappointments without realizing the person we are hurting most are ourselves.  Move on to move forward and declare your freedom today.  Someone told me many years ago "Anger is a temporary state."  What anger will you release today?


  1. This is such a true statement. Anger not only holds you back from advancing your mental state of being it also creates a very toxic environment healthwise. Learning to release anger is a very important part of growing into maturity. if we really think about it...why are we so angry in the first place. People will be individuals and it is up to us to either accept them as they are and move on. My philosophy, and it helps me when I run up against negative forces is "don't sweat the small stuff...this too shall pass". True enough, anger is indeed a temporary state. I'm glad that Ms. McMillan is able to move forward in her life.

  2. This segment of the Oprah show was also a prelude to Terry's new book "Back to Happy" which I intend to purchase.


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